Board of trustees (BoT)

The ESC board of trustees forms the policy making and oversight body for the trust and conservancy activities.  It is made up of 9 trustees selected from and representing all the key sub-areas and families within the ESC area.  The BoT meets once quarterly and organizes the ESC AGM annually to review the performance and policies of the trust.  The BoT provides oversight to trust and CBETEs management staff to ensure correct and transparent implementation of trust policies, strategic plan and achievement of performance goals.

Project Management & Technical Staff

Management staff includes the manager; Mr. Paul S. Kilelu, two conservation officers, the accountant and administrator.  The core mandate of the management staff led by the conservancy manager is to ensure effective and efficient implementation of the trust’s annual operations plans towards meeting set strategic and performance objectives. 

The conservancy manager has overall responsibility to ensure operational success of the conservancy, socio-economic and education activities of the trust and to provide supervision to all technical and support staff towards achievement of operational and strategic performance targets.  Mr. Kilelu has 10 years experience in organizing community groups within Maasailand to address community concerns and issues.

The conservation, socio-economic and education development officers shall be responsible for providing sound technical advice to the manager, various community groups and other key stakeholders in the planning, implementation and coordination of conservation, CBETE and education development activities of the ESC.

Support staff

The ESC support staff shall comprise the 10 rangers, admin assistants and driver.  The support staffs are meant to provide the necessary operational support to the technical and management staff to carry out their critical conservation, socio-economic development and education development activities.  The support staff shall be the first to be recruited after the conservation manager and oriented on their jobs.  These shall form a critical part of the entire operations team that includes the management and technical staff.

Community volunteers

At least 2 out of the 10 conservancy rangers shall be community volunteers with capacity and potential to do their jobs well.  Additionally 15 village scouts shall be identified to provide additional conservation support to the5 rangers and technical staff.  The community volunteers shall be given on-job training by the technical staff and rangers as well as a monthly stipend of Kshs 10,000/= to ensure commitment to conservation and socio-economic development of the target community.  They will form the lowest project/trust structure directly in contact with the community and will be very instrumental in community mobilization for towards achievement of the trust’s goals and strategic objectives.

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