The lack of adequate grass and water for our cattle has created economic and social strife within our own community. To address this situation; we proposed to consolidate our individual parcels of land as a community to make a conservation area which will create jobs for the local youth and at the same time protect biodiversity at this buffer zone of Nairobi National Park.  We will consult with our community leadership on who will be employed in the conservation area and solicit assistance from Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) to provide expertise and equipment in Wildlife protection in conservation area.

We envision having one ecolodge, one resource centre and two shops run by the local women group in the conservation area. The successful completion of this project would create an increase in economic stability for the community landowners, increased family stability, decreased dependency on food aid programs, and increased Maasai men and women members self esteem through a greater ability of self sufficiency . It will also create room habitable to wild life (endangered species).  This vision is expected to be accomplished through;

·       Establishing strong community partnership and goodwill for project success and sustainability through strategic meetings, mobilization, and involvement of community and relevant government ministries and departments and other resource partners.

·       Increasing institutional and personnel capacity of the ESC, including 9 trustees and 13staff on; conservancy development and management, strategic planning and resource mobilization and CBETE development and management through training and exchange learning trips to at least three established conservancies in Kenya/ Tanzania.

·       Developing and providing alternative livelihood support system that fosters bio-diversity conservation to the pastoralist ESC community through creation of a conservation area and establishment of two pilot community-based eco-tourism enterprises (CBETEs).

·       Providing increased access to quality and adequate levels of education to deserving bright children from poor families in the ESC community through setting up an education fund

·       Providing adequate human and administrative resources to ensure success and sustainability of the integrated 3 year conservation, CBETE, and education development project through identification, placement, development, maintenance and support of 5 managerial/ technical and 8 support staff.

In order to realise the results in this proposal, ESC needs Kshs 75, 792, 180 (USD 1,052,669) the next three years– see the summary tables below.  We are therefore appealing your esteemed organization to consider supporting the ESC community financially by adopting at least one objective/project component as proposed under this proposal.






Year One




Year Two




Year Three








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